John Foley, M.Ed. is the visionary founder and CEO of many companies which provide educational services and supports to the public schools of Western Massachusetts and Worcester County. He is the preeminent innovator and developer of education programs and services for high risk youth from poverty stricken areas. John Foley practices the zero reject model. He has never refused a student admission to one of his programs, never expelled or suspended one.

Through his ground breaking public-private partnerships John Foley has saved millions of dollars for public school systems, which are no longer forced to rely on expensive, interminable and ineffective out of district placements to provide services to their most needy students. Utilizing the principles of collaborative problem solving developed by Dr. Ross Greene John Foley’s insistence on the ground rules of unconditional positive regard, mutual respect and a fresh start every day lay the foundation for success for every child. A success his students achieve and internalize every day.

The belief that all parents want, and are doing their very best for their children are at the foundation of our interchange, we don’t judge. We meet them, wherever they are at (physically and metaphorically) and begin the work which drives and sustains us all.

Holyoke, Mayor Michael Sullivan in an interview with the Springfield Republican newspaper said “John Foley does God’s work.” There are nineteen programs, serving over 400 students, with 230 highly trained, certified and committed full time employees and over 12 million dollars in annual revenues. The principles of these programs have enriched the lives of many thousands of young people over the years.

After a career working with disenfranchised special needs youth spanning three decades John Foley has turned his attention and considerable wealth to the high school dropout problem in our inner cities and areas where extreme poverty affects the ability of children to succeed in school. The dropout problem in our inner cities is a national shame. It contributes to a trauma and destruction that over time rivals the worst genocides in world history. It is as John Foley says repeatedly “The Darfur at our door.”

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